A teenager's ability to make sound decisions depends on many variables. Chronological brain development, and life experiences profoundly shape a teenager's decision-making. In Home, School and Faith Community can work in a concerted way to empower teens to gain the knowledge and tools necessary to navigate difficult times. In "A Brief Guide to Teen Suicide Prevention for Parents, Teachers, Clergy, and Friends," Kathy Harris Henderson uses her own painful experience to guide parents, friends, clergy, and teens as they develop into the men and women God made them to be.

"Daughters of Divine Destiny: A Good Sense Guide to Godly Womanhood", by Demetria LeBlanc,offers a step by step approach to helping young women make better choices and achieve positive outcomes. In an increasingly secular environment, Demetria saw the need for young women and adolescents to have a faith-filled yet practical guide. This book provides honest, hopeful wisdom to help young women move forward in life. You can also go to the website, and purchase an autograph copy of the book, check out upcoming event dates for workshops and comment on the blog.

Wonderworking Power: A Fresh Translation of the Gospel of Mark (The Latin Testament Project) by John Cunyus. This rough, unpolished story, first written down in the vulgar Greek of Rome’s eastern traders and travelers, fixed for all subsequent generations the outline of Jesus Christ's life and ministry. Through these words, the story of a Galilean Jew, crucified on a Roman cross, became the story of the world’s Redeemer, through whom and by whom all other stories will be judged. Translated afresh by John Cunyus, Wonderworking Power: A Fresh Translation of the Gospel of Mark becomes the latest volume in Searchlight Press’s Latin Testament Project.

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  March 2018  
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